Four messages the angel gave on Resurrection Sunday

When we read MATTHEW 28:1-8, the angel who announced the good news of the resurrection to the women gave them four messages.

1.       DO NOT BE AFRAID (Mathew 25:8). Knowing that Christ rose from the dead would not dismay the women but instead make them joyful. If he overcame death, HE can overcome for us every situation we might be afraid of. Let us be joyful in all circumstances.

2.       HE IS NOT HERE; HE HAS RISEN (Mathew 25:6a).JESUS is not dead! We should not even count him among those whose body decayed in the grave. Wow! This is amazing. We accept and follow HE who arose from the dead and HE will raise Us from the dead too and crown us with the gift of Eternal Life.

3.       COME AND SEE (Mathew 25:6b). The women had to go see so they could testify evidently that the SON OF GOD rose from the dead. History had to be written with seen evidence. Has GOD done anything for you? Invite people. Let them come and see what the LORD has done for you.

4.       GO QUICKLY AND TELL (Mathew 25:7).The women had to go quickly and tell the disciples about the good news of the resurrection. This is our mandate. My Prayer is that everyone who knows about us will come to know that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD OVER ALL (JILOA).


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