5 Ways we can come near to GOD!

The problems dragging us away from GOD are due to our thoughts that we can solve everything on our own.

When our bank accounts get empty, health decelerates or experience one problem after another, we often feel GOD is too far from us and not by our side.

But guess what! The more we think we can manage it all without GOD, the more we become empty and far away from GOD.

It is only nearing GOD that can help us overcome the world’s raging battles!

James gives us five ways we can come near to GOD. Here we go.

  1. Submit to GOD (James 4:7). We have to fully yield to GOD’s authority and perfect will. We have to commit our lives to HIM because HE has full control over the universe and everything.
  • Resist the devil (James 4:7). We should not allow Satan to tempt us. Satan offers temporary relief full of hidden agendas that bring grief in the long run. If we resist Satan, we go near to GOD and GOD comes near us.
  • Wash your hands (James 4:8). We should be clean, pure and holy. GOD’s hands never get dirty. It’s our getting hands dirty that separates us from HIS being near us.
  • Grieve and mourn (James 4:9). We have to mourn for our sins, to fully repent and not turn to them. This is a super way of inviting GOD in our lives.
  • Humble yourselves before the LORD and HE will lift you up (James 4:10). What a great promise! Humbling ourselves before GOD is a total sign that whatever we have physically, economically, socially and spiritually comes from GOD. Humility goes hand in hand with obedience, we should obey the LORD and live a low life by our character and behavior no matter our statuses.

There are other ways through which we can come near to GOD. These include; Prayer, fasting, solitude, meditation, reading the word, worship, praise and telling other people about GOD and HIS plan of Salvation that yields Eternal Life through CHRIST JESUS OUR LORD.

Do you feel GOD is far away from you?

Be comforted. GOD sees every struggle that you are going through and HE knows you by name. Reflect on the above ways you can get near to GOD. HE WILL COME NEAR TO YOU.

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