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A Passionate People Sharing God’s Empowerment in Love

We have a passionate and committed Team of individuals investing a lot to carry the Jiloa Ministries’ work ahead. Together we work to empower both men and women, young and old to achieve the true meaning of their lives, by leading them closer to God.

We are grateful to have a strong Team working towards the same purpose, vision and mission.  Pray for our Team so they are strong to carry God’s work on.




John Leech

John and Sherry Leech have been married for 52 years and have a son, a daughter, four grandchildren and great grandchildren. John is the President of JILOA Ministries. He sits on the missions committee of Seymour Heights Christian Church, which has been supporting missionary works of churches in Uganda alongside JILOA ministries for the previous years till today.

nicholasand suzan

Nicholas is the founder of “Christ In Africa Mission, Mbale-Uganda. He coordinates missionary activities for Jiloa Ministries within Uganda and East Africa. Nicholas founded and worked as the Director of Youth In Ministry for 10 Years. Together with his wife Susan, they have served local churches in Eastern Uganda, and made partnerships with other servants to support God’s work for over 20 years.

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