Volunteering With Jiloa Means Giving To Transform a Life

Jiloa Ministries offers Volunteer opportunities aimed at getting passionate people involved into transforming the lives of those suffering. Our works are for rural churches, orphanages, women and schools in marginalized communities where we serve.

While volunteering with Jiloa Ministries, consider performing any of the following tasks;

  1. Discipleship and evangelism in the communities where we serve through mission trips to Africa, and Asia.
  2. Women entrepreneurship coaching.
  3. Painting schools and health centers.
  4. Career guidance and mentoring to school going children or students under our Education program.
  5. Running fundraising campaigns.

Volunteering with Jiloa Ministries incurs you some costs. These costs help Jiloa Ministries to transport, feed and accommodate volunteers. Also, a certain percentage from volunteer fees is deducted to meet needs among the vulnerable people.

Please feel in the  form below to volunteer with us. We will be glad to have you our Team.


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